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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pocahontas 1995 [English].[DVDR].720p Download Movie Free

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Pocahontas (1995)

Year: 1995
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama
Director: Mike Gabriel
Starring: Mel Gibson, Linda Hunt, Christian Bale


Captain John Smith led a ragged group of English sailors and soldiers to the New World to plunder its riches in England (or, more precisely, for Governor Ratcliffe, who comes along for the ride). Meanwhile, in this new world, chief Powhatan, has pledged his daughter, Pocahontas, to be married to the villages greatest warrior. Pocahontas, however, has other ideas. She had a vision of a spinning arrow, a vision that believes tells her change is coming. Your life will change when the English ship ground near her village. Between Ratcliffe, who believes the savages hiding the gold he will be plentiful, and Powhatan, who believes these pale newcomers will destroy their land, Smith and Pocahontas have a difficult time preventing war, and saving their love for each other.

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